Islam being the chosen and true religion of Allah has always had tremendous influence on its people and followers no matter where it went. It produced geniuses of its people and followers, physicians, jurists, astronomer, inventors, and great mathematicians. They reached all heights, broke all frontiers, and flourished in all fields. They came from all nations but their religion remained one.

One such hero was Salmaan al-Farisiy who came from Persia, where he had acquired experience in warfare and its tactics. So on the day of Al-Khandaq (the trench) in the year 5th of hijri when the polytheists came one last time with twenty four thousand fighters to finish off Prophet Muhammad (??? ???? ???? ? ???) and his companions, Salmaan proposed to dig a trench around Al-Madinah, which was first done ever in the Arabian peninsula.

Coming from a family of high status, the family of Salmaan al-Farisiy used to worship fire. From worshipping fire he ran away to become a Christian, then was sold as a slave. Then as his search continued for truth, he was rewarded by Allah and he arrived at the truth. He became free, became a Muslim after hearing and sitting with the blessed Prophet Muhammad (??? ???? ???? ? ???) himself.

He was devoted to the truth, and in his devotion he was intelligent and pious. On the day of Al-Khandaq both Ansaars and Muhajiruun said,